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Today, you’re Bonny or Read?

女性賀爾蒙的逆襲!用飾品讓女人味逆轉勝啊~/ 謝琦琦KiKi


【穿搭】戀上Bonny&Read的多樣風貌 |LOVING Bonny&Read / 李吱吱







2016 Bonny & Read Accessory 夏日飾品海外特輯 / 艾莉諾.蘇





一樣還是帶著我心儀的 Bonny & Read Accessory 到飯店池畔邊玩耍



【穿搭】小資女孩們的首選Bonny & Read。CP值超高平價飾品/哈囉~I'm 蘋果



而今天要來分享這家Bonny & Read他們家的經營理念就是讓平價和美麗可以並肩而行,



2016 Bonny & Read Accessory 私藏飾品集: 叛逆 vs 甜美衝突 / 艾莉諾.蘇


『私藏飾品集: 叛逆 vs 甜美衝突』





 Bonny & Read  多元風格的飾品總是擄獲了我的心

 無論要到任何場合都能在 Bonny & Read 裡找到適合自己的小配件

I’m honored to receive an invitation from Bonny & Read again.
They are growing up from every detail such as package, quality, and photograph of jewelry.
I’m satisfied with their reasonable price and the quality is above the level.
This time we use two styles to perform silver and gold, which one do you like the most?

Hello everyone, it’s time to posting!
We have cooperated for one time,
I love their accessory and support them with my purchases!
It’s my honored to receive an invitation from Bonny & Read again.
Today I’ll introduce five accessories of my favorites,
Let’s check it out for the items!


My watch was made in Korea and this is the most beautiful and fair price I’d never met!
My mom found my watch and amazed for it!
Most of my friends attracted for this watch and craving to buy!
This is the watch which you can’t resist.

Bonny & Read Accessory is one of my absolutely necessary items.
Today I’m going to introduce “2016 Bonny & Read New Products in Spring”
From 2015, one of my pocket list is Tassel Fashion, it is so irresistible.
The second item I would like to introduce is “Vintage Year”,
Rose gold color is perfect match with Asian girls complexion. 
Suitable for office lady and students.



Bonny & Read & Min / Min's makeup notes 

!!! Coupon code updates: MINXBR
Two step for lucky draw:
2.Leave a comments (Tell me which is your favorite)

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I’m a accessory addictor.
Besides makeup, accessory is my second choices!
For me, my consideration is CP value.
Today I’m going to sharing one of my favorite : Bonny&Read Accessory.
The characteristic of B&R is simple and match, and I love to buy accessory from this shop!


其實之前粉圓我就申請過一次Bonny&Read 家的體驗活動





從去年秋冬延燒至今年春天的 流蘇




今天要分享的是我從>> Bonny & Read<<


【Mix and Match】Graceful Lady李吱吱 In love with Metallic Accessory 

Metallic accessory is my favorite accessory, it’s so elegance and charming!
Bonny & Read provide choices of metallic accessory!
Let’s check for amazing accessory!

Do not underestimate the charming of accessory. 
Perfect match of outfit and accessory make you more attractive!
Let’s shop with Viki with affordable but high quality products!


【Accessory】Bonny&Read Completed My Accessory Desire 

My story:

My boyfriend and I are joined a competitive game,
Loser have to pay for our Christmas dinner.
I give you ten seconds for make a guess for what we’re racing…..
5 4 3 2 1 … Time’s up!
(Do you guess it?)

The answer is…

We’re having a competition for “From June 12th  to 23rd  , who can save more money!”

The loser have to checkout the bill!

◆2015-Fashion Mix &Match◆- Bonny&Read High Quality Low Price Accessory

Nice outfit match with fine jewelry ^ ^
Today I’m going to introduce affordable (under Nt 100) and multiple choices accessory 「Bonny & Read Accessory」
「Bonny & Read Accessory」is my secret weapon as the high CP value attractive me! 
「Bonny & Read Accessory」provide various promotions, new arrivals of multiple choices, and amount for free shipping service!!! 
Any styles, for any fashion.

【Accessory】The Essential Of Small Supporting Role

It’s me again to share absolutely necessary supporting role:  Accessory
We have partnered for many times, Bonny & Read never make me disappointed.
Their good points are multiple choice, affordable, and quality are above the level.  Make fair price and beauty combined.
Let’s check it out for my latest mix & match!

Since I shopping at Bonny & Read, their new arrivals notification are always light up my shopping desire. 
The prices is the most important things that attractive me.
Today I’m going to sharing my lastest shopping results.
Welcome to check it out my new items!


Accessory is like makeup of women that we cannot live without it.
It’s my honored to receive an invitation from Bonny & Read.
As the price are affordable, I can purchase without any burden.
I would like to share the accessory with your guys
Let’s shopping with me!


I would like to recommend Bonny & Read,
Because of their multiple choose of accessory (etc: Necklace, ring, earring, metal tattoo sticker…)
And multiple matching possible.
Any styles, any products.

Accessory are so important with outfit!
With bling accessory, even though plain outfit can be unique! 

Hello, today we’re going to sharing one of our favorite accessory shop Bonny & Read
Accessory is important part for outfit matching.
I’m a casual style lover, and the accessory can make the outfit so unique and unusual.


Different from my precious articles,
Today I’m going to sharing new sweet perfect match 


Seoul Girl's Favorite: Affordable Accessory in Ntd 100 

Most of my favorite accessory are brought from Bonny & Read Accessory,
Besides they're well-known in accessory,
Almost 80% item are below Nt200, the price is quite affordable.
I’m recommend to you all!

Great Value For Money,You Can't Miss It. 

Accessory is important part of fashion.
When you wearing a plain shirt, sometimes you feel like that you miss something?!
The accessory can let your outfits unique and pretty!
Just come and shop for it!

【Accessory】Bonny & Read Accessory: Exclusive Vintage Bracelet 

I’m a vintage bracelet addictor ♥
Today I’m going to introduce three kind exclusive vintage bracelet from Bonny&Read!
I love so much when wearing my outfit with vintage bracelet!
Let’s check it out for my new items.

Bonny & Read Stunning Accessory, Bring It Out Your Personality

There’re two female pirates named Bonny&Read
They are the embodiment of
Beauty and Cool, wearing accessory can bring it out your personality.
Create your own stunning style in confidence & beauty style!

I’m going to an announcement that this is the online shop that which I’ll often purchases! 
Some accessory shop raise prices of accessory due to pop culture of Korean drama,
But the affordable price and high CP Value of Bonny & Read can make you surprised!

❤NO.1 CP Value❤Irresistible Fashion Accessory

Today I’m going to sharing my accessory which I often wear!
If you subscript to foreign fashion blogger or IG ID, and you will know the importance of accessory! 

【Fashion Show】Welcome To ChaCha’s Fashion Show 

Hi everyone I’m Cha Cha!
As the saying goes “Fine feathers make fine birds”.
Welcome to my Fashion Make Over Show.

【Accessory】Good Buy, Best Buy,Must Buy

Today I’m going to share my new stuff!
Bonny & Read Accessory provide affordable price and multiple choice.

High CP Value: Bonny & Read Accessory

Hello everyone! 
Today I’m going to introduce Bonny & Read accessory
Their low price but high quality products attractive to me!
Your best choices!