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Terms and Conditions

Non-Defects Description

Be sure to read the following description, as the below cases are non-defects range.

‧Chromatic aberration  : Every computers do have different kind of chromatic aberration, please take the actual jewelry as standards.

‧Residual Glue and Inlays Drills Irregular :  Our handmade jewelry are over 90%, thus it’s common that some slightly unavoidable glue
  residue and irregularities diamond part.

‧Ear Pins in Black Colors :  You may find our ear pins is in black colors, this is because our accessories are not making the galvanization to
  shine processing as to prevent allergy.

‧Curved of Ear Pins : Most of the ear pins are made from silver-plating. As ear pins is soft and very thin, slight of curves are common.

‧Scratch of Metal : As product of metals may have overlapping portions of the surface ,thus it caused unavoidable tiny scratch and
 irregularities point.

‧Size Error : Size may exist due to different measurement error, 0.5-1 cm is normal.

‧Sweat will dull the jewelry brilliance, please clean up properly of your bracelet / necklace / ring or it may cause the jewelry oxidized.

►Shipping & Returns Notes

‧Exchange : All exchange should be in ‘as new’ condition, please apply within 10 days from the date when you got your package, and the  freight is for buyer's account.

‧Returns : All returns should be in ‘as new’ condition, please apply within 10 days from the date when you got your package, and the freight is  for buyer's account, the refund amount will  be deducted NT15 for handling fees.

‧The maximum grant for faulty accessories postage is NT40, it will be paid according to the actual shipping costs. (We recommend send by    post office)
‧The returns should be maintain as new as the received goods, no signs of used , and in good condition.

‧If any returns , please contact our customer service within 10 days from the date when you got your package , and confirm with us  before sending. Send by your own voluntarily will not   be accepted.
  (For any details, please refer to “Return Policy”) 

►Payment Methods

‧Convenience store (The Outer Islands is not available)

‧Post office/ Remittance (Remittance fees NT 30 )


‧Credit card 


Service Charge

First of all we do not charge any fees with the client, we provide two ways of credit card system:

1. AllPay : No service charge.

2. Paypal : No service charge for Taiwan buyer which using currency of New Taiwan to checkout,  overseas purchaser or non-NTD will have to
    pay processing fees.

►Shipping Method

‧Registered mail / shipping fees NT40 (Buyer have to remittance first)

‧Convenience store / shipping fees NT65 (Cash on delivery, pay with the Family Mart, 7-Eleven convenience store , Outer Islands is not    available )

‧FamilyMart shipment status inquiry :

‧7-Eleven shipment status inquiry :


‧Please do not remittance in accordance with the instructions of others and contact with our customer services if any suspicious.

‧"Pre-Order Products" and stock in hand will be shipped together.

►Contact With Us

‧LINE ID /Customer Services: @bonnyread  (Fastest reply)

‧Facebook fans club : 

‧Email :