Accessories Maintenance Tips

1. First and probably the most important tip is how you store your jewelry. Exposing your accessory to air will increase chances of tarnish. Try your best to store your jewelry in closed boxes or closed plastic bags.

2. Always wear your jewelry after you have applied lotion or perfume. It is the chemical in products like hairspray and perfume that can change the color of your jewelry and dull their shine. 

3. When storing your jewelry, try not to store them in a way where they will constantly be rubbing against one another.

4. Of course always make sure to take off your jewelry when washing dishes, going for a swim or even heading out for a workout. 

5. Clean your jewelry on a regular basis, that way you will remove any substance from it that could have caused any discoloring. 

6. Silver is soft and can become scratched and tarnishing easily. You can use a special silver cloth to polish your items


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